Build A Bigger Chest Workout

After nearly a decade being a professional personal trainer, there’s one thing I’ve come to know. Nearly every male client wants a Bigger Bench Press.

All too often I see a group of guys in the gym chasing their Bench Press numbers. They set up at the bench nearly every workout, hoping to increase their strength through sheer workload. While in theory, more frequency and volume should increase your strength, there is much more to the equation.

The Barbell Bench Press uses multiple muscles to efficiently draw the bar down to your chest, and then accelerate it back to your starting position. While your Pec Major is the prime mover, your Deltoids and Triceps are secondary muscles that play a large role in your lift.

I have found that by building your shoulders alongside the long head of your tricep, you can greatly increase your Bench Press without crushing your Chest day in and day out. You’ll begin to notice that you gain greater control of the movement, and are able to generate more force to lock out the bar back to the rack.

Over the past decade I have developed this workout that has helped endless amounts of clients, as well as myself, bring their Bench Press from High School enthusiast to a respectable lifter.

Put this workout into your training split and watch your Bench Press Grow.

Barbell Flat Bench Press – 3 Warm Up Sets 10 Reps + 5 Working Sets 5 Reps

This is what we are here for, the Bench Press. Chose a weight that is roughly 85% of your 1 Rep Max with a goal of increasing this weight 5 pounds every week for four weeks before testing your 1 Rep Max again.

Barbell Floor Press – 3 Working Sets 8 Reps

The Floor Press shortens your range of motion and forces you to build strength in your explosiveness from the bottom of the movement, as well as build your lockout strength at the end of the movement. Chose a weight that is doable, but challenges you on the last 2 Reps. You should not be reaching failure.

Barbell Standing Strict Press – 3 Working Sets 6 Reps

I firmly believe that this exercise directly impacts your Bench Press strength. Build a solid foundation in your shoulders to handle the heavy weights you’ll be putting up in the upcoming weeks. Chose a weight that you can control and lock out completely at the top of the movement. Only bring the bar down to your chin rather than your chest in order to keep tension on the muscles.

Weighted Dips – 2 Working Sets 10+ Reps

Dips work all of the main muscles used in Push Movements. Lean slightly forward and lock out your arms at the top of the movement to target the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps all at once. Use a Dip Belt or tuck a dumbbell between your feet for added weight.

Cable Straight Fly – 2 Working Sets 12-15 Reps

The Cable Fly builds the Chest, but it also Stretches and expands the Chest. Use the full range of motion while keeping the elbows slightly bent and chest lifted through the movement. Use a slightly lighter weight that does not strain your shoulders, but allows you to get a solid chest pump.

Push Ups – 1 Set To Failure

I love finishing a workout with Push Ups to Failure. You’ve already blasted your upper body, and shouldn’t have too much energy left. If you’re reaching over 25 Reps, then you may not have pushed the workout hard enough.