Meat-Free Options For A Change

For years now, I have been eating upwards of two pounds of chicken plus a container of egg whites nearly every day. Combine these foods with multiple scoops of whey protein , and I was sure to get all of my protein needs met through animal based sources.

But recently my mindset has changed to a more plant based nutrition plan.

My meals have consisted primarily of large portions of vegetables with a variety of meatless protein substitutions added to the mix. These meals have left me fully satiated, refueled and ready to attack my next workout.

While I can already hear all of the naysayers typing away in the comment section, don’t be so hasty to disregard what a plant based diet can do for you as a weight lifter.

I want to provide you with a simple list of animal free/soy free protein sources that you can easily substitute into your nutrition plan to begin to see the difference for yourself. Sometimes it’s easier to start with small changes, and then as you feel more comfortable and learn more, progress to more non-processed plant based meals.

Whether it’s starting with “Meatless Mondays” or simply trying an animal free protein source one meal at a time, I challenge you over the next week to give these sources a try.

Chicken Substitutes
QUORN Meatless Cutlets – 60 Calories / 1g Fat / 6g Carbs / 9g Protein

Burger Substitutes
Beyond Meat Plant-Based Burger Patties – 270 Calories / 5g Fats / 5g Carbs / 20g Protein
Impossible Burger Patties – 220 Calories / 13g Fats / 5g Carbs / 20g Protein

Sausage Substitutes
Beyond Sausage – 190 Calories / 5g Fat / 5g Carbs / 16g Protein
Field Roast Vegetarian Sausage – 220 Calories / 6g Fats / 16g Carbs / 25g Protein

Meat Crumbles Substitutes
QUORN Meatless Grounds – 100 Calories / 2g Fats / 10g Carbs / 15g Protein
Beyond Beef Crumbles – 90 Calories / 3g Carbohydrates / 12g Protein

Egg Substitutes
JUST Egg Liquid – 70 Calories / 5g Fats / 1g Carbs / 5g Protein