Quarantine Gains – Body Weight Upper Body Circuit

Gyms are closed around the world, and all of our gains are at stake.

In a unique time like this, it is crucial that we maintain focus on our overall health and well-being along with staying strong, literally.

All is not lost just because you don’t have 100lb dumbbells in your garage gym, stacks of 45lb plates at your disposal, or pretty much any workout equipment.

Leave your water bottles in the fridge, and your broomsticks in your closet though.

We’re about to get to work with nothing but your own body weight.

Upper Body Push Workout

Complete the following exercises as a circuit for 4 Rounds with a 2 Minute Rest Period between Rounds.

Dead Stop Push Ups – 30 Seconds

Each Rep is initiated from a relaxed position on the floor. Explode up from the floor for a one second concentric, resist on the way down for a two second eccentric, and pause on the floor in a complete rest before starting the next rep.

TUT Push Ups – 20 Seconds

The goal is to maintain constant tension in the muscles by performing Push Ups in a Full Range of Motion for the allotted time. Each Rep should be from parallel to the floor, up to complete lock out in the arms with no pauses.

Iso Hold Push Ups – 10 Seconds

After torching your Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and Core, it is time to test your will power. Lower into a 90 degree angle in your elbows and maintain that position for the allotted time. Keep your muscles engaged without relaxing at any point in the isometric hold.

Plank Push Ups – 30 Seconds

Start in a Forearm Plank Hold. Alternate Arms to bring yourself into an upright push up position. Lower yourself down to your Forearms and back into the starting Plank Position.

Plank Hold – 30 Seconds

Begin a Forearm Plank or Arms Extended Plank. Maintain constant isometric contractions in your entire Core, Shoulders, and Legs for the allotted time. You can alternate between Forearms and Extended Arms, but do not drop to your knees.